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Frylab is a loose collective of musicians participating in jam sessions aboard the Frying Pan Lightship in New York City since 2001. The theme is freedom, fun and experimentation as we test new instruments alongside traditional ones and blend styles at will. Numerous musicians have participated at one time or another in mostly undocumented sessions.

Bob Huott
Bob is a musician, sound designer/engineer and instrument designer. He studied recording and acoustics with David Moulton, graduating from SUNY Fredonia's Tonmeister Studies program in 1987. After attending CCRMA's Physical Interaction Design for Music workshop at the Banff Centre for the Arts in 2004, he completed a residency at the Banff Centre in ‘05, producing the latest prototype.

Two recent designs have been presented at NIME: the Ski in '02, and the Bean in '05. Both are experiments in shapes and mapping strategies on sensate surfaces.

Ed Hartley
Ed is a sound engineer for live television, musician, and instrument builder. Also a graduate of SUNY Fredonia, he is an expert in large-scale broadcast audio systems. His extended guitar design work spans over 10 years working with Max and many kinds of sensors. Within Max, an evolving network of patches gives Ed a uniquely broad palette of sound processors and generators.

Ed has designed custom Max applications that are in use at major television networks.

Jim Kerswell
Jim graduated from the Tonmeister program of SUNY Fredonia with an Applied degree in Double Bass performance. He is an audio engineer for MSNBC, where he also is in charge of mixing live musical performances for the Don Imus radio program. He has produced and engineered numerous jazz and electronic pop albums.

Dan Willis
Dan, one of New York City's most active and versatile woodwind specialists, performs regularly across a wide spectrum of music from Jazz to New Music. A graduate of the Eastman School of Music, Dan studied the Oboe with Dr. Richard Killmer, Jazz with Bill Dobbins and Ramon Ricker, and arranging with Rayburn Wright. Read Dan's complete bio here.


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